Speaking Engagements

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Teri was invited to share her story with the National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Luncheon, hosted by the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati, on April 5, 2017. This would be Teri’s first time standing before an audience, sharing her story of triumph over trauma. The attendees were moved to a standing ovation by Teri’s ability to shine her light into dark spaces, and her gift of radiating joy while traveling the healing journey.

Teri has been honored to be a contributing speaker during these events!

Teri has shared her Story of Hope: From Trauma to Triumph on these podcasts:

Teri’s inaugural Story of Hope speech April 5, 2017, at the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati’s National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Luncheon

Teri was invited to speak at the National Crime Victims' Rights Week luncheon at the YWCA Greater Cincinnati on April 5, 2017. This was her inaugural speech about her complex trauma history and story of hope!

Teri’s October 30, 2017 Story of Hope speech at Tristate Trauma Network Fall Conference

Teri was honored to speak at the Tristate Trauma Network Fall Conference in October 2017 (soon after she returned from her journey to Orlando, FL to the Hay House Writers’ Workshop) with an audience of over 250 mental health professionals. Her presentation was recorded via a phone as documentation for her writing needs. However, the message is an important one to share.

Teri’s February 27, 2018 Story of Hope speech at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College

Teri has since spoken at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College, addressing students, faculty, and staff. The following article was written for The Lantern, UC Clermont College Student News, about her informative presentation on the importance of utilizing a trauma-informed care approach when responding to trauma survivors, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and her own healing journey from the darkness of complex trauma into the light of a peaceful and joyous existence. http://www.thelantern.media/campus-news/childrens-author-and-trauma-survivor-teri-wellbrock-speaks-on-campus/


"Teri is one of the most inspirational trauma survivors I've ever met. And from someone who has practiced therapy for 18 years, that's saying a lot. She tells her story with courage, grace, and dignity, and reminds us that forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves. My conference audience loved her and my national trauma expert keynote speaker, Lisa Ferentz, LCSW, of the Ferentz Institute, used Teri’s story of hope as a talking point throughout her entire day of teaching."

Melissa Adamchik
MA; Executive Director, Tristate Trauma Network

“It was a privilege and a joy to witness your amazing presentation and marvel at your courageous healing journey. Sending you hugs and continued blessings for ongoing healing.”

Lisa Ferentz
LCSW-C, DAPA; Founder of the Ferentz Institute

 “I requested Teri share her story with Foster Parents who often open their homes to children who have trauma histories. Teri’s story of hope is just that- a message to individuals of the hope for healing that can occur when resiliency meets positivity; a message of the beauty that comes from the fight to overcome pain and suffering in this world; a message that all people, no matter their stories, no matter their trauma, no matter their history- can, in fact, overcome and lead a life of joy, happiness, adventure, and love. Teri’s story is inspiring, empowering, and entertaining and I consider it a privilege to know her personally.”

Jennifer Parham
MS, LPC; Coordinator of Parent Education Services

“I'm reaching out because I heard you speak last month at the Tri-State Trauma Conference. I was so moved by your story. Thank you for sharing it with our community.”

Feedback from audience members

“I wanted you to know that I was deeply moved by what you had to say. Your strength and courage are incredible, and it touched me deeply that you tell your story to bring hope to others. You’re an inspiration!”

Feedback from audience members

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