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Teri’s vision for the Healing Place Podcast is one of hope and healing. Her mission is to help listeners connect with guests on a heart and soul level. As both producer and host, she conducts the interviews as a conversation between friends, filled with informative discussions, laughter, and guidance for listeners. These on-air conversations are abounding with inspiring people living motivational experiences.

Motivation * Inspiration * Stories of Hope and Healing

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Teri, please allow me the privilege and honor to say THANKS for hosting such an AWESOME podcast with me recently! Your gentle and understanding Spirit allowed me the freedom to share from deep within my heart. I have had many positive comments on our discussion together. If there is ever anything that I can do for you, please let me know and consider it DONE! I have found a wonderful friend in you. Keep up the great work! Blessings!

Dr. Gregory Williams
Author of Shattered by the Darkness

I was so grateful to participate and have the opportunity to be interviewed by Teri on The Healing Place Podcast. I found Teri to be so engaging, that the Podcast felt more like a meaningful conversation between two close friends than an interview. I'm inspired by Teri's gift to lead with her heart and passion to bring healing and hope to her audience. I learned so much from Teri during our conversation and appreciate having a new friend to share this amazing journey with.

Jim Sporleder
Trauma-informed coach/consultant & trainer with the Children’s Resilience Initiative
Being interviewed by Teri was an absolute delight. She was personable, asked great questions, and made it feel more like a conversation than an interview. We covered so much without it feeling scripted! I truly felt like my passion of helping children and adults who have experienced trauma was honored. Thanks for the great podcast!
Janyne McConnaughey
Teri creates a heartful, collaborative interview experience for her guests. She emanates curiosity and welcomes depth making us feel like long-lost friends catching up over a warm cup of coffee.
Suzie Gruber, M.A., SEP.
Somatic Experiencing and a Neuroaffective Relational Model (NARM) Practitioner
Thanks again for a great conversation. You are a wonderful soul!
Bob Lancer

Teri Wellbrook makes podcasting fun! Being on her show "The Healing Place" was such an uplift. She made it such a joy, asking question of me and her other guest Dr. Sara Gilman as we spoke of the "Keeping the Peace" project. Teri's heart is in the right spot and she puts it out there so purely.

Jim Ellis

Legacy Productions

First things first...THANK YOU! I didn't even know you or the work you are doing before being invited on your Podcast. Since learning more about you, I have been consistently referring clients & shared your web site & podcasts with our team of mental health professionals, so they might do the same. I have received wonderful feedback that it helped people feel connected, not alone, brought greater understanding to a variety of life experiences, as well as providing further resources. Your heartfelt work is making a difference in the lives of others. Thank you for being an example of 'doing your own healing work' and following your heart with integrity & genuineness.

Sara Gilman, Psy.D., L.M.F.T., President/Owner

Coherence Associates, Inc.


What an honor to meet Teri and be a guest on the Healing Place Podcast. This podcast is a true avenue offering hope for healing.

Belinda Farrell

The Healing Place Podcast - Huna Healing episode



Thank you Teri for all the work you are doing through your podcasts to help educate the community on childhood trauma and resilience. I felt right at home during our recent podcasts and felt blessed to have the opportunity  to be a guest on your show.  You are an amazing woman and it was an honor to get to know you and share our stories as survivor sisters! Together we can do much!

Elizabeth Sullivan

The Healing Place Podcast - Empower Survivors episode


Teri creates a safe space for conversations about healing trauma. Her podcast brings light to the ongoing work of abuse recovery, and lets survivors know that they are not alone.

Joyelle Brandt
Parenting Coach to survivor mamas, Healing trauma through creativity

Wow! This is awesome~I love it and you are so talented!  I think you have found your calling. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Teri interviews individuals who are willing to share their story and their purpose in an effort to connect people and bring healing to the planet.  I am a firm believer of story telling as a way to connect.  While it may be "uncomfortable" it is necessary if we want to learn about each other and gain perspective on how the  world continues to evolve.  Each one of us has a story and our experiences inform the way we interact in the world.  By understanding our own story and the story of others we can have more compassion for ourselves and others. That is a dream come true!  How about you?

Jessie Graham

The Healing Place Podcast - Co-creating Change episode


What a treat to talk to Teri on her podcast! Teri’s warm, welcoming, and conversational style makes talking easy and leads to interesting insights, that neither guest, host, or listener might expect.

Karen Zilberstein, LICSW
Psychotherapist and Clinical Director of the Northampton, MA chapter of A Home Within

It was a complete delight being interviewed by Teri - actually more like a visit with a long time friend. I felt less questioned than drawn out and engaged. Our world is so lucky to have Teri and her wide vision for healing. 

Donna Jenson

The Healing Place Podcast - Time to Tell episode


I was so glad to have the opportunity to be a guest on Teri's The Healing Place podcast. I love the powerful space that she has created for thought leaders, healers, world changers to share their stories and vision. The conversations are dynamic and indeed healing!
Rachel Grant
I have nothing but good things to say about Teri Wellbrock. Recently she invited me to appear on her podcast. I had never been interviewed before, so I was flattered and curious. However, on the day of our taping, I must admit I was nervous. For a few minutes, I wasn’t sure I would make it through. But Teri’s kind demeanor and reassuring presence soon had me forgetting all about that silliness and focused on what I needed to share about emotional healing. The hour went by so fast that I could have participated for many more hours without a break. Her ability to listen and understand the dynamics of emotional injury and what needs to be done to help was so great our conversation seemed to flow effortlessly like an old-school, all-night rap sessions. Thank you, Teri, for all the solace you give to hurting people and all the hope your actions engender in us all.
David Kenney

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share tonight.  You are an incredible host! You have a heart of gold! So blessed to know you!

Cortney Edmondson

The Healing Place Podcast - Cortney Edmondson Speaker episode


It was a pleasure speaking with Teri on her podcast. She is a gracious host who seems to know exactly how to lead the conversation to create great value for the listeners. It was truly a great experience.

Amir A. Rashidian, DC

The Healing Place Podcast - The StressProof Life episode


Teri Wellbrock is an amazing talk show host who is insightful, dynamic and engaging. She has extraordinary  listening abilities that truly makes you feel heard. She has a warm, inviting aura about her that is both calming and relaxing. She is passionate about her work and is a true humanitarian! I truly enjoyed every minute of our conversation. Thanks Teri!
Julie Brand


The Healing Place podcast goes above and beyond a regular interview style by getting to the heart of the matter. Teri leads it with grace and thoughtfulness, creating a safe place for deep conversations. 
Sarah Guilfoy
Teri is an absolute charm. She has such a warm way of inviting people to share their light, and share their healing journeys. It was a heart-warming conversation, and I would do it again in a heart-beat. Teri is an amazing host, and her podcast is a source of inspiration and healing. 
Elisabeth-Ann Pitt

Thanks again Teri for hosting such a great episode!!!  I totally loved chatting with you and believe that sharing our stories will help many people know that they are not alone and that there is hope and recovery!!!

Mary Giuliani

The Healing Place Podcast - Mary Giuliani Coach episode


Talking to Teri is like talking to a good friend.  She asks the really curious questions and demonstrates genuine interest in your responses.  Her passion to see trauma-informed change comes through with the diverse voices she has featured in her podcast series.  Her skill, vision, and passion are a much needed gift to the movement.  I am grateful for her!

Emily Read Daniels, M.Ed, MBA, NCC, SEP in training

The Healing Place Podcast - Here This Now episode



Teri Wellbrock is a Trauma-warrior, healer and spiritual listener. Among one of her many gifts is Teri's ability to sit with those on her podcast with the express purpose of bearing witness to their story. While on her show I got the sense that Teri loved people and that I was listened to with genuine interest and fascination. Her very presence allows people to open up and share of themselves.

Rev. James Encinas

The Healing Place Podcast - Wheeling to Healing episode


Teri Wellbrock creates the space and time to explore vital issues.  She gives a gracious and generous interview.  The experience of connecting with Teri was refreshing, rewarding and encouraging.  It is wonderful to know that Teri is out there creating moments of hope and healing.

Sue Fort White, Ed.D., Executive Director

Our Kids

The Healing Place Podcast - Our Kids Center & ACEs Connection

Teri Wellbrock, host of the Healing Place Podcast ROCKS! She took the most painful subject of trauma and sprinkled laughter, glitter, encouraging words, together with her delightful personality, and made an incredible podcast experience for me. Teri redefines what the healing process could look like.
Jason Lee
Author of Living with the Dragon & Host of the Mangry Podcast

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Teri. She possesses a largesse of Spirit and Heart that invited me to feel open, welcome, and comfortable in her presence. I can share the podcast interview we had proudly. Thank you, again, Teri!

Dr. Leslie Cole, M.D. 
Author of the ebook Quite Pain Pills without the Withdrawal

Teri has a knack for embracing you with her warmth, beaming smile and style – even if it’s a stretch through the screen! She eased me, effortlessly, into a conversation that meandered comfortably through hills and open valleys of the heart. I’m so grateful that I took my podcast ‘maiden voyage’ on The Healing Place... a pretty perfect platform for a newbie like me. Thank you Teri!

Amit Janco (Ms)

The Healing Place Podcast - (Un)Bound Together Episode


Teri is a true #traumawarrior! Her energy and brilliance made recording of the podcast feel like I was reconnecting with an old friend. I was honored to be counted amongst her esteemed guests. As a bonus, I've seen a boost in the sales of my books. 

Matt Bennett

The Healing Place Podcast - Connecting Paradigms episode


Being interviewed by Teri is a real pleasure, as she truly gets the nuances of what true healing is about, and that it is a sacred process and not a technique or quick fix.  The depth, the laughter, the sense of mission that Teri brings to her work is what makes all the difference.  People simply need to hear how they can heal in many different ways, and Teri’s venue of speakers offers that possibility, along with Teri’s heartfelt sharing. 
Kathleen Hanagan

My experience in talking with Teri on her podcast was excellent!! She is incredibly easy to talk to and makes it a very enjoyable experience!

Kristina Bechtel

The Healing Place Podcast - Trauma Informed Care Social Work episode


Contact: kbechtel@lacrossecounty.org

Being a guest on Teri's podcast was such a lovely experience. Her authentic and warm presence made the interview feel like a conversation over tea. The way that Teri lives mindfully and embraces joy is inspiring for us all. I can't wait to read her book! 
Jen Johnson
Mindfulness teacher and coach
I feel honored to have been a podcast guest on Teri’s The Healing Place! Teri is truly committed to bringing the vulnerable reality of human experience to her listeners through honest and inspiring conversations. Her warm and friendly style is so genuine, it’s contagious. I’m so happy her podcast continues to grow and know it will offer hope and healing to many. Much love to you, Teri!
Ingrid Y. Helander, LMFT, Author
Individual, Couple & Family Therapy
Mindfulness teacher and coach
Being interviewed by Teri was like chatting to an old friend even though it was the first time we met. She has an ability to stand shoulder to shoulder with you, acknowledge and celebrate all that you are!
Jaz Ampaw-Farr
Resilience Ninja at Why First Ltd
I felt richly connected to Teri during our conversation, like reconnecting with a dear friend over a cup of coffee. It took maybe 3 seconds to feel the connection that comes from the shared experience of a passion for this movement! Teri has that gift of welcoming and inclusion!
Teri Barila
I have had the joy of being Teri’s co-worker, but it was an even bigger joy to be a part of her podcast. Teri has this wonderful ability to see the positive in any situation and bring out the best in others. Teri is shedding light on so many helpful topics and resources through The Healing Place.
Krissie Myers


I treasured my time talking with Teri on her healing podcast. She is warm, welcoming, and introduces survivors and allies to silence breakers, break-the -cycle parents, and leaders creating trauma-informed change. 

Cissy White

The Healing Place Podcast - Heal Write Now episode



I have 3 letters to describe the conversation Teri and I had - WOW! 
Not only does Terri create a safe space for sharing, she leads with her own vulnerability! She has a unique and special gift in the way she lives her life with heart💛
Leslie Peters, RN 
Speaker & Curator of Conversation:”The Science Behind Your Story”
Living Life with H.E.A.R.T.
I really enjoyed being a guest on Teri's podcast. She asked great questions and made me feel welcome on her show. It was a great experience!
George Siegal, Founder & CEO, Move the World Films, Inc.
Being on Teri's podcast was such a special experience. It was the only time I've told 'my story' outside of therapy. At first, I was nervous, but Teri has a real gift for putting one at ease, and she's an easy person to talk to ... making for a great interview experience. Thanks Teri!
Philip Kent Church
Teri is a very skilled,  gentle spirit that pulls the best information from you as she makes you feel very comfortable in your own skin! Doesn't get much better than that feeling of knowing you are allowed to know what you know!
Lois G. 
Certified Transformational Expert and Vision Consultant:
Teacher, Speaker and Coach
My podcast on trauma with Teri was such a wonderful experience. Her personal and professional knowledge of trauma and warm and engaging personality make her a terrific host. She asked all the right questions and it was a great conversation.  Someone commented that listening to our podcast was like listening to two friends discussing trauma over coffee in a coffee shop.  That is truly what it felt like. Before I knew it, an hour and a half had passed, and we could have kept going.  I'm so glad Teri is using her gifts to help educate others in this way!
Melissa Adamchik, MA, 
Executive Director
Tristate Trauma Network
It was an absolute honor to be invited onto Teri’s podcast as her work is healing hearts and lives. She is one of the most lighted and loving people I have met who is willing to bare her soul for the sake of helping another. Teri’s podcasts are a casual conversation about really deep meaningful topics.  
Sandra J Filer, MBA - The Happy Goddess®
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